Wine Club Newsletter


August 2017 Newsletter


The heat factor has definitely hit our valley and the mad dash to pick fruit has begun! Over the course of the last few days several vineyards have began picking their white varietals. The beautiful smell of fresh grapes coming into the wineries is ever so present and the enthusiasm of what can be is upon us. Over the course of the next few weeks the pace will accelerate as we move into red fruit. The wineries will help each other out with endless swaps of equipment and crews and then suddenly, it will be over. All those working tirelessly for you will suddenly realize they are exhausted. A little sadness will set in that another harvest has ended only to be followed by smiles of joy as we begin to think of the great wines that await. 

As usual, we are excited about our wine selections, and have chosen some beauties for you.  All of these wines have been hand crafted with passion and care, and are extremely small productions.  We suggest re-ordering sooner than later, as we expect them to sell out quickly. Cheers!



Reeves Ranch
Winemaker/owner:  Rick Reeves

Wine: 2010 Syrah, Reeves Ranch Vineyard, Santa Ynez Valley AVA

Case Production: 200

Price: $42

In 1994 Dan and Meghan Reeves bought a forty acre property set high in the Santa Ynez Valley foothills overlooking the town of Los Olivos. It was planted with vineyards from 1989 which they  soon grafted over to Syrah with clones from Australia and France. They have sold fruit to some of our best winemakers in the area.  Each year, they would also make some wine for family and friends who would help with crushing and bottling. Today, their son Rick has taken over their wine production, working fervently to now the very best fruit and make wonderful wines. 

Deep and rich, this wine is solid from start to finish.  Loads of dark berry fruits and hints of smoke and spice, this is a well crafted wine, benefiting from years of aging and 18 moths in barrel.  20% new French oak , 80% neutral French Oak. We are always so excited to get our hands on some aged wine!!  Great texture and mouth feel, this wine is completely fine on its own, but we are looking forward to hearty fall dishes with this beauty.  Think slow cooked, braised meat dishes.... short ribs, stews, and roasts.

Aging: Drink now through 2022


SWB Pinot Noir
Winemaker/owner:  Eric Chamerat

Wine: 2015 Pinot Noir,  La Encantada Vineyard, Santa Rita HillsAVA

Case Production: 50

Price: $45

Hailing from Lyon, France, Eric Chamerat has always been into wine.  Growing up in wine, and then off to culinary school to become a chef in a top restaurant in London, food and wine are just who he is.  He always had a dream to make his own wine and have his owl label.....As fate would have it, he met a girl on vacation in the Caribbean and they fell in love.  Turns out, she was from Santa Barbara.  He eventually moved here to marry her, and chase down his dream of making wine.

This wine was aged for 16 months in neutral French oak, and while we think it is drinking amazing now, we are quite excited to watch it evolve.  Tons of SRH characteristics in this wine, cranberries, strawberries, cherries, raspberries and hints of baking spices, most notably, cinnamon.  This wine is balanced and bright!  Great on its own, but absolutely terrific with food!  Perfect for Thanksgiving dinner, pork tenderloin with almond-cherry sauce, poached salmon, and duck.

Aging: Drink now through 2022


Caren Sauvignon Blanc
Winemakers/owner: Andres Ibarra

Wine: 2014 Sauvignon Blanc, La Presa Vineyard, Santa Ynez Valley AVA

Case Production: 65 Cases

Price: $28  

Made by Andres Ibarra, in honor of his wife Caren, (he makes her favorite varietals under this label).  Honoring their love, and his love of making wine, we always enjoy these wines.   Makes our hearts soar!  Love and passion = great wines!  Andres has been making wine for decades for other wine labels in our valley, and now has his own label.  

This wine was done in 20% neutral French oak barrels and 80% in stainless steel, and aged for 5 months.  We love the simplicity of this wine, yet, it flavors abound!  Lots of tropical notes and hints of citrus, perfect acidity and a substantial finish.  One of our favorites to just sip, sitting on the patio, but also amazing with food.  We like this with seafood fare, cheese, fresh green veggies and herb marinated chicken.

Drink now through 2018


Lindley Chardonnay
Winemakers/owner: Jake Lindley

Wine: 2013 Chardonnay, La Presa Vineyard, Santa Rita Hills AVA

Case Production: 65 Cases

Price: $36  

This wine was done in 100% stainless steel, was not allowed to go through malolactic fermentation, and aged for 11 months.  The result is this beautiful Chablis style wine.  Lean, racy, mineral driven deliciousness.  Tons of citrus and hints of green apples and fresh baked bread.  This wine is extremely genuine and authentic.  Not fined, nor filtered, as the winemaker did not want to "strip" anything away from this wine.  This wine is awesome with shellfish, roast chicken, rich vegetable soups and (recently we tried this!), an asparagus, Bok-Choy Frittata!  Amazing!


Drink now through 2021