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We understand that you wish to change or cancel your membership with Santa Ynez Valley Wine Club. Sometimes a wine club is not the right fit for a variety of reasons.

However we do have a few options that may be a better fit for your needs:

  1. HOLD: We can put your membership on HOLD for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. You will not lose your place in your wine club and your membership will automatically pick back up after the hold ends.

  2. DECREASE SHIPMENTS: We can decrease the number of shipments from four times to only twice a year.

  3. CHANGE MEMBERSHIP LEVEL: Are you a 6 or 12 bottle club member and want less wine? If so, we can change your membership level to a smaller amount.

If you need guidance or would like to discuss your membership options please reach out to .

Please complete the form below to cancel or change your membership now.

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Please complete the form below to change or cancel your membership:

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  • Changes to your account will be processed as soon as we receive your request.

  • We cannot refund any charges made to your account before this form is submitted (unless cancelation was previously requested).